My Favorite Broadmoor Hotel Wedding

I’ve had several requests recently to see images from weddings at the famous Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO. It was my pleasure to pull from the archives a few images from my all-time favorite : Trina & Ken Thiel. Drop dead gorgeous. Every bit of it. Exuding glamour and sophistication. And to top it off, Trina is wonderfully kind and creative human being. Ken is a lucky, lucky man. And I am a lucky, lucky photographer.    BroadmoorSldsh002BroadmoorSldsh004BroadmoorSldsh007BroadmoorSldsh008 BroadmoorSldsh009 BroadmoorSldsh010 BroadmoorSldsh012 BroadmoorSldsh020 BroadmoorSldsh013BroadmoorSldsh021 BroadmoorSldsh023

A rare glimpse of my favorite videographer of all-time, Dennis with Over The Moon Films. For a real treat click on his website. His work is just fantastic. He is so brilliantly talented I can barely stand it. There is no one I would rather partner with for my events. BroadmoorSldsh024 BroadmoorSldsh027 BroadmoorSldsh029 BroadmoorSldsh033 BroadmoorSldsh039 BroadmoorSldsh045 BroadmoorSldsh048 BroadmoorSldsh084 BroadmoorSldsh087 BroadmoorSldsh090 BroadmoorSldsh098 BroadmoorSldsh112 BroadmoorSldsh113 BroadmoorSldsh117 BroadmoorSldsh119 BroadmoorSldsh124 BroadmoorSldsh126 BroadmoorSldsh128 BroadmoorSldsh136 BroadmoorSldsh139

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