Molly & Brandon’s Wedding: Snow Mountain Ranch, Estes Park, Colorado

Molly & Brandon chose the most spectacular site and rich beautifully colored details for their simple and elegant ceremony. I was literally awe-stuck when we arrived at Snow Mountain Ranch’s Columbine Point. Enraptured. And the weather was on my side- overcast. Yum! Both Brandon & Molly are the most lovely of people and their wedding was a dream to photograph. Another big thank you to my talented and competent assistant for the day, Caroline, who captured some gorgeous images. You are the best!!


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This is her precious nephew who was so happy that he started sobbing uncontrollably. 079SelinskySLD 090SelinskySLD 097SelinskySLD 101SelinskySLD  108SelinskySLD 110SelinskySLD 113SelinskySLD 115SelinskySLD 116SelinskySLD 122SelinskySLD 132SelinskySLD 134SelinskySLD 162SelinskySLD    

The entire set of Molly & Brandon’s wedding images are available here:
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