Grant Humphreys Mansion Destination Wedding

destination wedding photograph boulder colorado grant humphreys mansionHappy Anniversary, Ben & Courtney! I never managed to get this gorgeous wedding blogged… probably because I was blogging yet the year I shot this destination event. I’m always getting dragged into the newest technical/computer-related thing by my husband or best-friend. Anyhow, moving on. The wedding. Gorgeous. Fun. Dramatic.


When I met Ben & Courtney they felt very cinematic to me. They had planned an evening ceremony at Grant Humphreys Mansion in Denver so I suggested we take a few house prior and hit a few cool spots for pre-wedding shots. We chose an antique salvage yard and an art gallery. Another plus for this wedding is that I had the good fortune of having Zoriah second shoot. He is an incredibly accomplished photojournalist and his photos were so different from mine and so striking. I’ve watermarked them with Recherche, just so they have some level of protection, but his style is so distinct I’m sure you can identify his shots. Sidenote: For some reason I remember Zoriah teasing that he was going to open up a photography studio in Boulder and name it “Better Than Recherche.” That always makes me smile!

destination wedding photograph denver colorado art gallery destination wedding photograph denver colorado

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