Cat and Greg . . . A Great Gatsby-ish Wedding in Sarasota Florida

sarasota-wedding-photographers-florida-powel-crosley-mansion This is my tenth year as a full time and I can think of no better way to wrap up a decade of than to photograph Cat & Greg’s sophisticated and sublime wedding in , . Cat assisted me many years ago with weddings (and has a much more accurate memory of some of the craziness of those early years!) and has gone on to become a fabulous photographer and photo editor for a prominent magazine in . She has a keen eye for funky vintage glam and an impeccable sense of style. It goes without saying (even though I’m saying it) that this wedding was a combination of dreamy and terrifying for me. (That might sum up my entire career as a wedding photographer.) Everywhere I turned there was another gorgeous detail, a stunning angle, a lovely expression. I agonized over whether or not I could do the event justice and meet Cat’s expectations. I shot billions of images, suffered a major hard drive crash (luckily it was all backed up) and re-edited the entire wedding and am now floating in heavenly bliss. Thrilled to share this wedding with you and I hope it inspires you to the core!

Cat’s parents hosted the rehearsal dinner in their backyard.
One of Cat’s bridesmaids took their wedding logo to a baker and had this cake made!! Funky-vintage-retro-wedding-cake-silhoutte-profile-bride-groom-sarasota-florida-destination-
Cat’s father grew up in the Powel Crosley Estate, which has since become a historical museum. It was a dream come true for Cat to be able to have her wedding here. She wrote a captivating description of her thoughts on her wedding website. Incidentally, this mansion is where they filmed Great Expectations several years ago- before they did a major renovation! sarasota-wedding-photographers-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-
Yummy, yummy, yummy details…sarasota-wedding-photographers-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion- sarasota-wedding-photographers-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-cake sarasota-wedding-photographers-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-table-setting-succulentssarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-bridal-bouquet sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-wedding-rings-lacesarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-dress   sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-bride-preparingsarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-bride-door
I have played it safe for a decade by positioning myself at the end of the aisle to get the shot of the bride walking down with her father. I had just said to Cat, “see you at the end!” and then at the last second changed my mind. I dashed up the stairs just in time to catch Cat before she descended the staircase. When I rushed in she started laughing and said, “I KNEW you’d change your mind!” This image was worth that wild dash! sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-ceremony-vows sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-recess sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-treessarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-reception sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-spinning
This is Cat’s adorable hairstylist (one of the many as far as I can tell!)
Greg is a phenomenal artist and painted all the signs for the event! sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-sign sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-beach-reception sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-sunset-beach sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-first-dance sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-evening-reception sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-dancing
I think Greg almost lost his eye running down this precarious path! They said people were flailing the sparklers every which way and I had to yell at everyone right before the couple came down to get OFF the path and make some room! This was the ONLY semi-focused shot I could manage, but very happy with it and think it is so fun!sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-sparklers
And the grand finale: Cat & Greg depart on her father’s boat. Lovely!sarasota-wedding-photographers-romantic-destination-powel-crosely-estate-mansion-boat
As I was flying across the country to photograph this event for Cat & Greg a day-after photo shoot was absolutely required. sarasota-wedding-photographers-florida-beach-vintage-dress-romantic-destination-sand-castlesarasota-wedding-photographers-florida-beach-vintage-hair-romantic-destination-     sarasota-wedding-photographers-florida-beach-vintage-dress-romantic-destination-aviator-sunglasses sarasota-wedding-photographers-florida-beach-vintage-dress-romantic-destination-cafe sarasota-wedding-photographers-florida-beach-vintage-dress-romantic-destination-cafe-kiss sarasota-wedding-photographers-florida-beach-vintage-dress-romantic-destination-color-kiss sarasota-wedding-photographers-florida-beach-vintage-dress-romantic-destination-fish

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