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My little home studio


I love to see people’s creative work spaces. Have you ever picked up a copy of “Where Women Create” published by Stampington & Company’s Somerset Studio? It is fascinating and inspiring. My physical surroundings have always been crucial for my creativity, focus and ability to get things done. My parents used to accuse me of procrastinating when I insisted on cleaning and organizing my whole room before I could do my homework. Not much has changed all these years later. Jay’s office is in a constant state of disarray (at least from my perspective) but that doesn’t seem to bother him a bit. That’s not my story. Anyhoo… as I was reading “Where Women Create” today, I wondered if people might be curious about MY creative work space. So, here are a few images of the Recherché Photography studio- the place where I work, email, edit, upload, download, backup, burn DVDs, blog, shoot, do viewing sessions for my clients, pay bills, balance the books for Jay’s business and my own, do wedding consultations, chat with clients and the photographers I mentor, etc, etc, etc.


See those random cream hangers on the wall? When I need to, I clamp a backdrop to a big telescoping curtain rod. It’s all rather makeshift around here! recherche-photography-home-studio-02

This is the bay window where I create all my backlit overexposed gritty portraits. Tricky lighting, probably not ever exposed right, but I love the effect when I get it “right” – meaning the way I like it. I’ve given up on trying or wishing I knew what I was doing like a “real” photographer. I just shoot the way I shoot and hope my clients are as happy as I am with the images. 


Here’s a little “behind the scenes” shot of one of my desk drawers. I’m still so old-fashioned and love paper. I order these lined Post-it pads in bulk. On the left is shimmery card stock letter-pressed by the prolifically creative Alli Bozeman. recherche-photography-home-studio-07
Jay Mountjoy with the IO Group has Recherché all rigged up with an impressively powerful computer with a mirrored-raided backup system. But I still keep DVDs of all my files. Just in case, you know. No more negatives though! 


I print labels for all my backup DVDs. I just feels cleaner and more cohesive. recherche-photography-home-studio-09
This is one of the zillions of pieces that came from my good friend, Rebecca’s store, Good Use. She closed her store with baby #2 but still does loads of refinishing! In this gorgeous little wardrobe are all the Recherché sample Finished Albums and drawers full of photo equipment. recherche-photography-home-studio-10In case you haven’t been over, here is the entrance to our home and to my studio. It’s a far cry from what it looked like before we renovated!recherche-photography-home-studio-11

And a bit of the backyard. I am in heaven now that I can spend time gardening and shooting all my spring/summer/fall studio portraits in my garden studio!recherche-photography-home-studio-12

Wishing your space was a little more organized and/or inspiring? Two suggestions: Jennifer Hofmann’s Inspired Home Office Spa Days– one of my favorite things EVER. And I do consulting for de-cluttering, organization and beautifying! Let me know if you want a little creative support!


portraits of a two year old in the garden studio of recherche photography- my new green chair

I felt like I needed a softer chair with a big round back for my baby portrait sessions. My assortment vintage wood chairs are adorable, but I wanted something softer. A quick search on Craigslist, a drive to an apartment in Boulder, a problem-solving moment of finessing it into the front seat of my Audi sedan employing the use of a few bungee cords and voila! Ellyana was my first little guinea pig. I let her discover the chair on her own and snapped away for the few minutes she cozied up. Jay said these are gratuitously cute. I agree. 🙂

A series of singular moments with her beloved dolly…     Regina with her precious niece. Happy, happy, happy. My heart is aflutter. 




♥ I believe in breakfast at noon.

♥ I believe in making as many wishes as you can when it is 11:11.

♥ I am a shameless sci-fi geek.

♥ I have a Lord of the Rings tattoo.

♥ I sleep with my childhood stuffed elephant, Elly, every night.

♥ I have a closet full of black vintage dresses and yoga pants.

♥ I believe in tipping generously.

♥ I am smitten by a well-turned phrase.

♥ I believe Robert Downey Jr. is pure genius.

♥ I believe in traveling as often as possible- anywhere and everywhere.


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I work out of my home studio in Lafayette, Colorado. We renovated the house top to bottom and re-landscaped every inch. I love working from home. People ask me if I have hard time setting boundaries with clients coming in and out. My business is an extension of my heart and I like to keep everything I love very close. I love to putter in the garden in between shoots, to work in my pjs, to make green juice for my clients that are feeling tired and overwhelmed, to take naps whenever I can squeeze them in and to take mid-day jaunts on the open-space trails with my cattle dogs. I have gypsy in my blood so I’m not sure how long we’ll stay, but for now I’m perfectly happy. Please come for a visit. I would love to share a cup of tea and hear some of your story.