Our Nine Year Wedding Anniversary!

mountjoyWEDblog10Nine years ago today, Joseph James Mountjoy married me on a misty mountain morning. We gave our friends and family only 7 weeks notice but still had about 150 guests brave the ridiculously long and muddy drive into the middle of the Evergreen forest to share in our ceremony of love and commitment to each other and to our families. There were piles of pearls, tears, root beer floats, a costume box and rain. It was a magical day. I am honored to be loved by so many and thankful that they shared in the experience with us. And I am indebted to Julie Harris for photographing our wedding so that I may treasure these images for the rest of our life. mountjoyWEDblog01 My mother spotted my pearl necklace in a Flea Market and shared the pearl earrings she wore at her own wedding. The beautiful flower head piece was discovered in my great grandmother’s sewing box and I had been treasuring it for many years, unsure of what I would find to do with it. mountjoyWEDblog02 This is my gorgeous mother and my handsome step-father watching me come down the rainy aisle. I could not consider getting married inside and the rain let up just a bit for our ceremony so it was perfect- at least for me!mountjoyWEDblog03 mountjoyWEDblog04 mountjoyWEDblog05 mountjoyWEDblog06 If you know me at all, you know my dog, Obadiah would be present at our wedding. That was a non-negotiable when looking for our venue. We rented a private home for the weekend so Obadiah basically just did his thing the whole time and popped in to observe a bit of the ceremony, to the amusement of all.mountjoyWEDblog07 What a gorgeous lot!! This is one of my favorite images of all time- all of our siblings (minus two of my beloved brothers, one of whom passed away many years ago and the other was stationed in Iraq.)mountjoyWEDblog08 mountjoyWEDblog09mountjoyWEDblog11 mountjoyWEDblog12 mountjoyWEDblog13 mountjoyWEDblog14 My best friend and I brainstormed a super fun plan: costume box in place of a guest signing book! We had SO many fun photos of everyone, including this one of Jay and his brothers!mountjoyWEDblog15 mountjoyWEDblog16 My wonderful mommy cut all the flowers for our wedding from her exquisite garden. mountjoyWEDblog17 mountjoyWEDblog18 mountjoyWEDblog19 AND she made our little wedding carrot cake! I just wanted one for Jay and I to share and then we had a whole table of desserts for everyone else!mountjoyWEDblog20 mountjoyWEDblog21 mountjoyWEDblog22 Jay’s gift to his groomsmen were handmade replicas of famous warriors’ swords and letters to each explaining why he thought they were similar to the warrior he picked for them. mountjoyWEDblog23 mountjoyWEDblog24 My dear friend Chara shot this image as we were leaving and it is a treasure. mountjoyWEDblog25

And we are living happily ever after!


My little home studio


I love to see people’s creative work spaces. Have you ever picked up a copy of “Where Women Create” published by Stampington & Company’s Somerset Studio? It is fascinating and inspiring. My physical surroundings have always been crucial for my creativity, focus and ability to get things done. My parents used to accuse me of procrastinating when I insisted on cleaning and organizing my whole room before I could do my homework. Not much has changed all these years later. Jay’s office is in a constant state of disarray (at least from my perspective) but that doesn’t seem to bother him a bit. That’s not my story. Anyhoo… as I was reading “Where Women Create” today, I wondered if people might be curious about MY creative work space. So, here are a few images of the Recherché Photography studio- the place where I work, email, edit, upload, download, backup, burn DVDs, blog, shoot, do viewing sessions for my clients, pay bills, balance the books for Jay’s business and my own, do wedding consultations, chat with clients and the photographers I mentor, etc, etc, etc.


See those random cream hangers on the wall? When I need to, I clamp a backdrop to a big telescoping curtain rod. It’s all rather makeshift around here! recherche-photography-home-studio-02

This is the bay window where I create all my backlit overexposed gritty portraits. Tricky lighting, probably not ever exposed right, but I love the effect when I get it “right” – meaning the way I like it. I’ve given up on trying or wishing I knew what I was doing like a “real” photographer. I just shoot the way I shoot and hope my clients are as happy as I am with the images. 


Here’s a little “behind the scenes” shot of one of my desk drawers. I’m still so old-fashioned and love paper. I order these lined Post-it pads in bulk. On the left is shimmery card stock letter-pressed by the prolifically creative Alli Bozeman. recherche-photography-home-studio-07
Jay Mountjoy with the IO Group has Recherché all rigged up with an impressively powerful computer with a mirrored-raided backup system. But I still keep DVDs of all my files. Just in case, you know. No more negatives though! 


I print labels for all my backup DVDs. I just feels cleaner and more cohesive. recherche-photography-home-studio-09
This is one of the zillions of pieces that came from my good friend, Rebecca’s store, Good Use. She closed her store with baby #2 but still does loads of refinishing! In this gorgeous little wardrobe are all the Recherché sample Finished Albums and drawers full of photo equipment. recherche-photography-home-studio-10In case you haven’t been over, here is the entrance to our home and to my studio. It’s a far cry from what it looked like before we renovated!recherche-photography-home-studio-11

And a bit of the backyard. I am in heaven now that I can spend time gardening and shooting all my spring/summer/fall studio portraits in my garden studio!recherche-photography-home-studio-12

Wishing your space was a little more organized and/or inspiring? Two suggestions: Jennifer Hofmann’s Inspired Home Office Spa Days– one of my favorite things EVER. And I do consulting for de-cluttering, organization and beautifying! Let me know if you want a little creative support!



I specialize in natural, non-traditional portraits of children (generally ages 0-2). I strive to capture babies as they are in real life and avoid contrived, cookie-cutter, prop-heavy shots. This means an organic pose-free portrait shoot where I take my cues from the little one and see how our time together unfolds. I shoot either in my home, my client’s home or a favorite outdoor spot. If you see the same little faces appear in my work it is because I am lucky enough to work with my portrait clients year after year as their families grow. It is one of the great delights of my life. Email me if you are interested in photographs of your little one(s) and we will create the perfect package.

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