I specialize in natural, non-traditional portraits of children (generally ages 0-2). I strive to capture babies as they are in real life and avoid contrived, cookie-cutter, prop-heavy shots. This means an organic pose-free portrait shoot where I take my cues from the little one and see how our time together unfolds. I shoot either in my home, my client’s home or a favorite outdoor spot. If you see the same little faces appear in my work it is because I am lucky enough to work with my portrait clients year after year as their families grow. It is one of the great delights of my life. Email me if you are interested in photographs of your little one(s) and we will create the perfect package.

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Adorable Children’s Products + Flattered to Be Featured on Keri Doolittle Photography’s Blog!

For ten years I have laser focused my business on weddings and baby portraits. That’s it. That’s what I know and what I do well.

Now that I’ve moved my studio home and feel like I have a little more balanced existence- mingling a bit of yoga, gardening and cooking to the entrepreneurial existence- I feel the tingling of some new photography interests emerging. And here is one of them: children’s products. I’ve avoided doing commercial work like crazy because I associated it with backdrops/, but I have the most beautiful natural light throughout our house that I loved created these product images for Mick & Mack! So if you know of anyone who needs beautiful Recherché-ish shots of their product, send them my way! 106MickMackStuff 002MickMackStuff
I want every single one of these sock bunnies! Just the sweetest, softest little cuties! And only $11/each!013MickMackStuff007MickMackStuff
Anyone with a little girl should own at least one of these layered colorful headbands! 015MickMackStuff042MickMackStuff
Dino-clip-on-tails! The boys LOVE them!024MickMackStuff
All the bibs she carries are 100% adorable.
Pacifier clips!
Organic non-toxic markers! Locally made in Boulder, CO! 089MickMackStuff

How cute and practical is this idea?? 069MickMackStuff

Isn’t this picture created by Keri Doolittle awesome??? So funky retro cool!! I LOVE her style and want her to do portraits of me!! This is a portrait she created of Michaela, owner of Mick & Mack, who makes or sources all of the above products. She is so creative, upbeat and the gregarious! I have loved getting to know her and am so excited about her biz!SONY DSC

Keri was so gracious to post a few of MY images from our Mick & Mack photo shoot on her blog! Thanks, Keri!! xoxo


Sinkey Family Portrait Session at CU Boulder Campus

Boulder, Colorado is hometown for childhood sweethearts, David & Christy Sinkey, as well as where they both attended college and got married. So it was only natural for us to do a family portrait session on the CU Boulder Campus. I think any photographer will tell you that the best thing about our job is the ongoing relationships we have with our clients. I have had the pleasure of photographing this couple’s wedding, dance recital portraits for Christy’s dance company, Grace Studios, grand opening parties for David’s home building company, Boulder Creek Builders and I documented Georgia Ryleigh’s first moments with her family the morning after she was born. Whoa! That’s a LONG sentence and A LOT of shooting for a family that I totally adore!! 01SinkeyFAM 04SinkeyFAM-2  11SinkeyFAM 15SinkeyFAM-2 22SinkeyFAM 23SinkeyFAM-2 24SinkeyFAM 28SinkeyFAM 30SinkeyFAM 32SinkeyFAM-2 41SinkeyFAM 42SinkeyFAM-2 50SinkeyFAM  54SinkeyFAM-2 55SinkeyFAM-2 49SinkeyFAM-2 74SinkeyFAM 62SinkeyFAM-294SinkeyFAM-2 95SinkeyFAM


All images from this session are available for viewing & purchase from their Online Gallery: www.pictage.com/875697