Recherche Photography Annual Halloween Sessions 2010- too cute for words…


In case you didn’t know, Recherché’s Annual Halloween Mini Portraits is my favorite event of the year. What set 2010 apart from all the others thus far is that the weather was gorgeous enough to shoot outside!! I am a “natural light” and spontaneous photographer so this scenario was ideal! The kids could run around and pick where they wanted to be- or just plain run around. Lots of space was given to the little ones who were just not sure about what their mom had stuffed them into. I got several calls and emails the mornings of the sessions from moms lamenting that their child refused to put on their costume. It doesn’t take long for kids to all of the sudden have opinions about things! 🙂

A HUGE thank you to every one of you who made it out to the sessions and for sharing the event with your friends! I loved meeting many new families this year and adored seeing so many of my familiar and devoted clients. I hope you can attend the Holiday Mini Sessions coming up at the end of November & early December! Stay tuned!

To those who ordered a CD: they should be ready for pickup/in the mail by Thursday!

Below are a few of my favorites from the weekend and HERE’S A LINK TO THE SLIDESHOW!

036Halloween2010 051Halloween2010 069Halloween2010 097Halloween2010 108Halloween2010 117Halloween2010 130Halloween2010 154Halloween2010 160Halloween2010 170Halloween2010 205Halloween2010 242Halloween2010 277Halloween2010 316Halloween2010 339Halloween2010 382Halloween2010 397Halloween2010 448Halloween2010507Halloween2010539Halloween2010    IMG_9767 IMG_9854IMG_0007 IMG_9903

I was intending to be a friendly soft kitty but now that I see this picture I guess I look more like Gmork from the Neverending Story. I just needed some fangs and a black nose. Oh well.567Halloween2010558Halloween2010


The Dimos Family Fall Portraits


This year we created the Dimos Family portraits in the open space just around the corner from my home studio. Juli originally wanted a slick clean portrait in the studio with all the grey and black stripes. But when I suggested hauling the bench out to this field she immediately conceded. A very trusting and easy-to-please best friend. It was a whirlwind shoot lasting all of 20 minutes. With a two year old boy in the mix time is of the essence. 09DimosFAM10-10 13DimosFAM10-10 17DimosFAM10-10

Pop quiz: which of these kids will grow up to be a performer? (Or rather, already is.)23DimosFAM10-10 35DimosFAM10-10 38DimosFAM10-10 46DimosFAM10-1049DimosFAM10-10  53DimosFAM10-10 

We took a minute to create some headshots for Juli. With business partner, Erin, she runs Voco Creative designing social media, marketing and brand strategy for their impressive and eclectic set of clients. They are flat out amazing. Need some help with your business? Get in touch with Juli.

 70DimosFAM10-10 61DimosFAM10-10

Did I mention that Juli & Jon are our best friends? And that Lucia, Mercedes and Ezra are our god-children? Jon and I have been friends since our freshman year of college. Julz has been my best friend for going on twelve years. And I’ve known Jay since I was fifteen. So I have some substantial history with this crew here!87DimosFAM10-10 90DimosFAM10-10 91DimosFAM10-10


Halloween Mini Portrait Sessions 2010


We came back from Italy and suddenly it was time to start prepping for Recherché’s Annual Halloween Mini Portrait Sessions!! Hurrah! My most favorite event of the year!


This year sessions are scheduled for:

Friday, 10/29/10 from 10am-2pm

Saturday, 10/30/10 from 10am-3pm

Register for Recherche Halloween Mini Portrait Sessions in Louisville, CO  on Eventbrite


Cost: Mini Portrait + 2-3 emailed images: $45 (option to buy CD of all high res digital files for $35)

Where: Recherché Home Studio: 622 Bella Vista Drive, Louisville, CO 80027. (just a few houses down from the dog park!)

How does it work: The sessions are drop-in so just stop by when it’s convenient for you! We’ll be spending about 5-10 minutes with each little one so there won’t be much of a wait. Come in, sign the release form, prep your child’s costume, photo shoot, zip on to the rest of your day!

Where can I sign up: Right here! Register for Recherche Halloween Mini Portrait Sessions in Louisville, CO  on Eventbrite

PLEASE NOTE: There is a limit to (25) costumed-tots per day so sign up early to reserve your spot!! 

P.S. If there is an overflow of interest we’ll add a couple more days. Email me if you can’t make either of these sessions or if the day is already full.


If you would be so kind as to share this event with a friend I would be so grateful! I’m super excited to see you all and this year’s collection of costumes!
(I’d better get working on mine!!)  

Meanwhile, let’s reminisce a bit with a few fun images from the 2009 sessions!!Halloween09_493  Halloween09_550  Halloween09_388IMG_6619 IMG_6731 IMG_7012