Cat & Greg’s Sarasota, FL Wedding by Recherché Photography is Featured in The Knot!

We are sooooo excited & flattered to be promoted in the Florida edition of The Knot as a featured wedding. Not surprised though. Just because Cat & Greg’s Sarasota Great-Gatsy-styled event was hands down one of the most sexy, sublime and sophisticated weddings of all time. Cat is a long time friend, an artist, a photographer, a magazine editor and a designer. So of course her wedding rocked the house. All I did was show up and push the button a few times! 😉 Dying to see more images of their wedding? Click here to see the blog post!

Kuddos and thanks again and again to Keren Lifrak Weddings & Special Events for making SURE this wedding got where it needed to be: day of AND in the magazine!! You’re the best!! And I LOVE your new website! Esp. that very first pic of YOU!!! xoxo
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Ann and Jim’s Lovely Boulder, Colorado Backyard Wedding

Eleven years later I am still in love with weddings. I love the romantic destination weddings, I love the decadent weddings dripping in mouth-watering details, and I love simple quiet backyard weddings. I am always a little startled to be allowed into a family’s home hours before such a personal event takes place and to mingle with a handful of the closest friends and family to observe and take part in a set of promises a family makes to one another.

Thank you, Ann & Jim & Molly & Patrick for letting me be a part of your special day! I hope you had a wonderful family honeymoon at Disney!!! 011-042RoanJenkinsWED
Checking out the scene from Patrick’s room a few minutes before the processional!014-056RoanJenkinsWED
Patrick had the privilege of walking his mother down the aisle.023-582RoanJenkinsWED
This pup is no dummy! She knows where the treats are!027-598RoanJenkinsWED 
Everyone that spoke at this wedding was incredibly intelligent & witty! We all laughed the entire day!!034-113RoanJenkinsWED 047-160RoanJenkinsWED 049-165RoanJenkinsWED 053-637RoanJenkinsWED 067-249RoanJenkinsWED 070-262RoanJenkinsWED 076-306RoanJenkinsWED

Scrumptious cupcakes by Shamane’s Bake Shoppe!084-393RoanJenkinsWED
A yummy passed appetizer + spread by Spice of Life. This catering company is the height of professionalism and creativity- I love working with them!! 206RoanJenkinsWED
Fiori Flowers from Boulder provided the most beautiful bouquets of sunflowers!! 434RoanJenkinsWED
A clever guest toasted the newly wedded couple with a photo of Jim in his “younger” days!112-449RoanJenkinsWED 114-457RoanJenkinsWED 119-748RoanJenkinsWED 123-477RoanJenkinsWED 135-743RoanJenkinsWED


All the images from this wedding are available on their Online Gallery:

Recherché’s Best Wedding Images of 2009


Here they are! Our very best and favorite images from wedding season 2009! Recherché’s 10th season as a destination wedding photography studio was absolutely fabulous and we have the images to prove it! Ranging from Belize to Boulder to Seattle to Winter Park to Florida to Estes Park! Thank you everyone for making Recherché possible and my career a dream come true! Looking forward to creating a whole new batch of images in 2010!02KrystalChrisSldshw045 03KrystalChrisSldshw073 04KrystalChrisSldshw123 05KrystalChrisSldshw141-3 15Richmond-089 26CalvertSLDSH027 33Richmond-060 34CalvertSLDSH084 35KnowlesSLDSH140 36KnowlesSLDSH146 37KnowlesSLDSH147 38Kozlowski-SLDSW048 39Kozlowski-SLDSW187 40Kozlowski-SLDSW198 06020CatGregSLD 07020CrollWED058 08045Braly041 09067CrollWED129 10154CrollWED375 11097SelinskySLD 12072WagnerSldshw 13102CatGregSLD 14155BralyWED-J-031 16246Braly195 17129CatGregSLD 18153CatGregSLD 19122SelinskySLD 20150CrollWED356 21192CatGregSLD 22202CatGregSLD 23210CrollWED533 24289BralyWED-J-069 25217CatGregSLD 27221Braly170 28661Braly475 29222CatGregSLD 30508Braly371 31419BralyWED-J-104 32619Braly433