Molly & Brandon’s Wedding: Snow Mountain Ranch, Estes Park, Colorado

Molly & Brandon chose the most spectacular site and rich beautifully colored details for their simple and elegant Colorado wedding ceremony. I was literally awe-stuck when we arrived at Snow Mountain Ranch’s Columbine Point. Enraptured. And the weather was on my side- overcast. Yum! Both Brandon & Molly are the most lovely of people and their wedding was a dream to photograph. Another big thank you to my talented and competent assistant for the day, Caroline, who captured some gorgeous images. You are the best!!


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This is her precious nephew who was so happy that he started sobbing uncontrollably. 079SelinskySLD 090SelinskySLD 097SelinskySLD 101SelinskySLD  108SelinskySLD 110SelinskySLD 113SelinskySLD 115SelinskySLD 116SelinskySLD 122SelinskySLD 132SelinskySLD 134SelinskySLD 162SelinskySLD    

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Annie and Nick are Engaged!

Annie & Nick make me SO excited to be a wedding photographer! After ten years one would expect the well to run dry, but it is people like these two that keep filling me up with inspiration and fortitude. Clearly we choose the day of our engagement portrait session PERFECTLY. It could not have been more gorgeous! I am so looking forward to photographing their wedding next June at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa in Boulder, Colorado. And thank you ever so much to Calluna Events for passing my name along- will be such a pleasure to work with you, as always!
AnnieNickENG09 AnnieNickENG17-2 AnnieNickENG23 AnnieNickENG30 AnnieNickENG33 AnnieNickENG46-2 AnnieNickENG48 AnnieNickENG59-2
Nick took this one of Annie & I!!AnnieNickENG60-2
And I snapped this one of the adorable Foot of The Mountain Motel across the street from the park where we did this shoot as it might be a great spot for their guests to stay! AnnieNickENG63

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I can’t resist posting Annie’s email to me after seeing her engagement photos. It will demonstrate why it is so amazing to work with them and is also a very flattering testimonial! A very encouraging way to start my day! 
“Oh my gosh – I LOVE THESE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are the best!  I just love them….I remember how goofy we felt and it just turned out so well – especially because we are smiling in every one!  I just love them, Regina!  I am so so so so happy we got you!  These are the best…and the best thing about them is that they look like us and that is really important to me.  We don’t look posed or like we are trying to be someone else and that is all thanks to you!  Thanks so so so much!  And the moms are in love with them too!  You are the best and I can’t thank you enough!” 


Amy and Heath- a documentary portrait session at their horse farm in Middleburg, Virginia

When Amy, Heath & I were discussing when and where to shoot their Engagement Portrait Session we happened upon the idea of doing a documentary portrait shoot back in Middleburg, Virginia with their horses. The months preceding their wedding got a little hectic so the idea was tabled for a bit. But not for long! Once the couple was married we nailed down the date and back we flew! What an absolute honor it was for me to be invited into this world of theirs. It never ceases to amaze or humble me that my clients allow me into some of their most private and treasured moments. And as I write this it occurs to me that perhaps this might be one of the ways I define “success” in my career as a photographer. The fact that my clients not only refer their friends and family to me but come to think of Recherché as their photographer for life- inviting me to document their newborn children, their family reunions, their hometowns, their precious pets. I hope you can tell how much I loved this experience and love this couple in the following images.

(Note: Amy is now my personal Pilates instructor and Heath is my personal trainer! Both are excellent at what they do and are accepting new clients!)033AmyHeathVA09 086AmyHeathVA09-2 143AmyHeathVA09 157AmyHeathVA09-2 235AmyHeathVA09-2 270AmyHeathVA09-2 316AmyHeathVA09-2 350AmyHeathVA09-2 356AmyHeathVA09 398AmyHeathVA09-2 413AmyHeathVA09-2 428AmyHeathVA09-2 476AmyHeathVA09-2
We decided to shoot early as the forecast called for rain. And sure enough, in the late afternoon down it came. But I gladly braved a few drops to get these last couple shots!518AmyHeathVA09-2 533AmyHeathVA09

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