Sinkey Family Portrait Session at CU Boulder Campus

Boulder, Colorado is hometown for childhood sweethearts, David & Christy Sinkey, as well as where they both attended college and got married. So it was only natural for us to do a family portrait session on the CU Boulder Campus. I think any photographer will tell you that the best thing about our job is the ongoing relationships we have with our clients. I have had the pleasure of photographing this couple’s wedding, dance recital portraits for Christy’s dance company, Grace Studios, grand opening parties for David’s home building company, Boulder Creek Builders and I documented Georgia Ryleigh’s first moments with her family the morning after she was born. Whoa! That’s a LONG sentence and A LOT of shooting for a family that I totally adore!! 01SinkeyFAM 04SinkeyFAM-2  11SinkeyFAM 15SinkeyFAM-2 22SinkeyFAM 23SinkeyFAM-2 24SinkeyFAM 28SinkeyFAM 30SinkeyFAM 32SinkeyFAM-2 41SinkeyFAM 42SinkeyFAM-2 50SinkeyFAM  54SinkeyFAM-2 55SinkeyFAM-2 49SinkeyFAM-2 74SinkeyFAM 62SinkeyFAM-294SinkeyFAM-2 95SinkeyFAM


All images from this session are available for viewing & purchase from their Online Gallery:

The Frea Family Holiday Studio Portrait Session

A month ago I thought I could not be any happier photographing kiddos in their Halloween costumes. But here I am surrounded by little while Christmas trees, twinkle lights, snowy garlands and little ones in their finest outfits. Life is pretty amazing.

The Frea Family just moved to Boulder County and they have had the same photographer creating their family photographs for several years back in CA. I was so privileged (and nervous!) to have the opportunity to create these precious photographs and hope this will be a new family tradition! We’re so glad you moved here, Riki & Bill! Wishing you a White Colorado Christmas!FreaFAM011 FreaFAM017 FreaFAM025 FreaFAM028 FreaFAM031 FreaFAM037 FreaFAM041 FreaFAM045-2 FreaFAM051-2 FreaFAM052 

The Frea Family online gallery is posted here:

Recherche Photography Celebrates a Decade of Wedding Photography with a Birthday Party!

42Recherche10YrPtyPlanning Recherché Photography’s 10 Year Birthday Party was akin to planning a mini wedding. Needed: caterer, invitations, centerpieces, party favors, beautiful weather, cake. Also required: to look gorgeous, which required a top notch makeup artist. That’s where Jeremy Simpson came in. He arrived a couple hours early, looking exceptionally debonair himself and then fixed me all up. He is the BEST!! Need to look gorgeous? Call him! 29Recherche10YrPtyHere’s a pretty shot my mother took of me with my talented friend, Shannon Sunderland with Hot Mama Designs. 75Recherche10YrPtyEntertainment as well as party favors were provided by Booth 66! Derek & his brother brought in their newest “stand-up” photo booth and set it up in our basement. We had piles of wigs, hats and other props ready and our guests made great use of them! I choose B&W high-contrast images and the photos were outstanding! Best party idea EVER!! Want to see more of the photos? Click here to see the blog post of my favorite ones
and click here to view the SLIDESHOW of booth shots! 06Recherche10YrPty IMG_0240Kristina Sutcliffe with European Flowers in Boulder created the centerpieces. I sent her a few photos of my studio/home + the vintage table cloths I intended to use. She emailed to say she was thinking of using the colors pink, plumb and burgundy and I responded with, “you’re the artist, do whatever inspires you.” When I saw her assistant walking in with these arrangements I about fell out of my makeup chair. I couldn’t imagine anything more lovely or perfect for my party. 16Recherche10YrPty24Recherche10YrPty102Recherche10YrPtyKim Boos with Tea & Cakes in Boulder designed this scrumptious creation for the party. Gorgeous on the outside and SO yummy!! Lemon cream, peanut butter cup and coconut cream. Eeek!! 37Recherche10YrPtyThankfully the weather was so lovely that we all enjoyed both the front and backyard all evening. Italian sodas, wine and passed hors d’oeuvres were served as guests arrived and the bar was set up on the back porch. 11Recherche10YrPty14Recherche10YrPty63Recherche10YrPtyBistro Boys catered my event. Their service, as well as their food, was exquisite. I could not have been more delighted! I cannot recommend them highly enough. 26Recherche10YrPty

Passed Hors d’oeuvres

* Tiny Onion Jam Tartes
*Colorado Smoked Trout and Maytag Blue Mousse in Savory Tuille
*Grilled Fig and Confit Duck “Beggars Purse”

On the Buffet

*Open Faced Roasted Beef & Blue Cocktail Sandwich
*Coriander Crusted Tuna Loin served with Mediterranean Olive Basil Tapenade
*Individual Vegetarian Rice Paper Wraps with Chili Sambal Sauce
*Grilled Romaine and Zucchini Ribbon Bundles with Cane Syrup Vinaigrette
*Grilled Porcini and Cippolini Risotto Cakes, Roast Garlic Spritz
*White Chocolate & Lavender Brie Crustinis

50Recherche10YrPty 53Recherche10YrPty 55Recherche10YrPtyIn taking time to reminisce over the the way Recherché got started, all the bumps along the way, all the lessons learned, it became so unfailingly clear to me how much Recherché owes to family, dear friends, clients and my husband, Jay, for making it this far. So I set aside time in the middle of the evening to do my own set of toasts. It was a little awkward to get up in front of all my guests, as I prefer to stay hidden behind my camera, but it was the most important part of the evening for me. (I wrote out my toasts so I wouldn’t blunder my way through them and have put them at the end of this blog post!)88Recherche10YrPty 84Recherche10YrPty

Regina’s Toasts:

I have a few of toasts to make tonight. This bit is really the essence of the party, for me, so please bear with me for the next 7 ½ minutes!

Thank you to Jessica & Dianne with Bistro Boys Catering for partnering with Recherché and providing the most wonderful food for our party this evening!

Thank you to Kristina with European Flowers for illuminating our party with her gorgeous flower arrangements.

Thank you to Jeremy Simpson, the Hollywood makeup artist for making me so pretty tonight.

Thank you to Kim with Tee & Cakes in Boulder for dreaming up the answer to the question, "If Recherché was a cake, what kind of a cake would she be?"

Thank you to Derek with Booth 66 who brought the brand new version of his photo booth to our party for a night of entertainment, a lifetime of memories and for relieving both me AND all my photographer friends the task of shooting all night!

I want to thank every single person here. For over 10 years my primary source of new clients has come from referrals. It has been your enthusiasm and support that has made Recherché a dream come true and has sent me all over the world. For this reason, I have chosen to drop all print advertising and have shifted that money into supporting children worldwide through World Vision. Jay and I are so excited and honored to have more than quadrupled what we are putting back into the world. I encourage you to put just a little more than you think you can afford out there. Especially now. It has a way of coming back to you in so many ways. 

There are also a few very specific people I would like to toast.

Kimberly Waldera- one of my earliest wedding clients who has been perhaps my most out-spoken, if not aggressive, fan! She drove around with her wedding album in the back of her convertible for YEARS and I think may have forced every single one of her friends and clients to hire me. Thank you, Kimberly!

Heather Dwight- I met her in a card shop almost 5 years ago and we became instant friends. She has since grown Calluna Events into one of the most prominent & perfect event planning businesses in town, she has referred the most wonderful clients to Recherché and has given me perhaps the greatest honor of all by asking me to photograph her own wedding last year. Happy First Anniversary, Heather & Brandon!

Juli Dimos– my best friend of 13 years. She has designed EVERY version of my website, almost every single ad, brochure and marketing piece, assisted as well as 2nd shot many weddings over the years, helped me edit thousands of images, knows my clients by name without having ever met them in real life, helped me move the studio- 6 out of the 8 times (missing only 2 because she was in China). She has listened to me for probably literally hundreds of hours rant, rave, brag, dream, lament and rejoice over Recherché. She has been my sounding board through every up and down- and there have been a lot. I could not have done this without you, Julz. You are the epitome of optimism, loyalty and a true friend.

Joseph James Mountjoy– Jay showed up at my door about 8 years ago, a freshman in college minoring in computer science, making a house call to his big brother’s friend to fix a computer problem. My heart skipped a beat and it’s never been the same since. He has worked behind the scenes on almost every aspect of Recherché from computers to software to cameras to customer relations, design, editing and assisting. He’s lugged all the gear all over the world and made it work. He has been my silent doer- consistently solving problem after problem after problem: I want a new camera. I want a copy of that song. I want this program to work. I want to open a studio while we renovate this house. I want dinner. I want to close my studio and sell everything. Not only does he find a way to make my dreams become a reality, he loves me just as I am. He holds me to a higher standard of being and he laughs in the dark. Jay, you are my great love and my solid rock.

Now, if there is one thing I am sure of in this world it’s that my mother is proud of me. My mom has championed every single idea I’ve ever had (except shaving my head). She has listened to me for hours on end as I started a business from scratch with no experience, no money, no role model and absolutely no idea what I was doing. She is the first person I call with exciting news. She has helped me hang every gallery, edit every portfolio, plant every garden. Mom, you are my North Star, always helping to re-align my perspective and reminding me to put my trust back in God because it is He who will accomplish what concerns me. And, incidentally, she bought me my first camera as a high school graduation gift. Recherché would not have even been conceived without her (and actually neither would I!).

Last but not least, I feel like the life of Recherché has very strong Fishes & the Loaves overtones. I started my business with so little of everything. My first bookkeeper recommended I go get a job flipping burgers. One of my close friends commented, "the best thing you brought to your business is the ability to bullshit." And she was right. Along the way I have learned to apologize sincerely, to pray very hard, to let go, to surround myself with amazing people, to pick myself up off the pavement and to keep dreaming. What I’ve done with Recherché, what I’ve created and where I’ve traveled never made sense in any business plan or any budget. I have often prayed that God would open doors to a different line of work, that He would give me something to do that made a difference in the world. But over and over I have been renewed with a passion for photography, the opportunity to shoot and our daily bread provided. Years ago I was hiking the 1st Flatiron praying in a common state of panic, "why is such and such happening…what should i do, what if i…" when I was interrupted and I heard God’s voice speak right through me. He said, "What makes you think this is about you?" I’ve known ever since that I am really just a vessel and the best thing I can do is to be faithful to the work and get out of the way when God moves through me. So I believe Recherché belongs to God and commit her again to His purposes. 

Thank you so much for coming tonight. Thank you for being a part of Recherché. It means the world to me. I made a Recherché Soundtrack CD for all my guests tonight so please take one before you leave.”