Vivian Adams: Six Day Old and a GIRL!!

This photo session is extra special for me. Vivian Renee Adams is the newborn baby girl of some of my dearest friends in the world, Mark & Darcy Adams. Mark and I have been close friends since college and I adore Darcy to pieces. Only two of the last seventy (!!) babies born in the Adams family have been girls so you can imagine everyone’s complete SHOCK when this little one finally emerged!

She has all the tell-tale signs of a brand new baby: flaky skin, pointy head and the soft newborn baby smell. I was instantly mesmerized. It is hard to express the emotion I felt meeting this new little life who will have a ripple effect on the world, changing it forever. I felt like a fairy godmother and wanted to bestow her with gifts of compassion, laughter, protection and discernment. How perfect that Jay & I were in the Chicago area just DAYS after she was born making this photo session possible. Serendipitous.
As a perfectionist my eye is instantly drawn to what appears to be “dust” on the print. But I have resisted the the urge to edit out the baby flakes for the sake of authenticity.007Viv6dys-2   019Viv6dys048Viv6dys-2
Talk about mesmerizing. Darcy is one of the most naturally adorable women I have ever met. I wish I looked this good any day- much less 6 days after having a baby!! She is practically glowing. And I think Vivi may have her momma’s perfect mouth and almond-shaped eyes. Watch out world!!
050Viv6dys-2   074Viv6dys 075Viv6dys-2
We all know you’re asking for trouble when you get a newborn naked! But art has triumphed!095Viv6dys-2 099Viv6dys-2
Once again I’m making an appearance on my blog!! I asked Jay to snap just a couple little shots of me holding Vivian right before we left. She was so DONE with company and was letting us all know! Who can blame her! But I thought the photos of us were too cute! 105Viv6dys 106Viv6dys-2104Viv6dys  

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Maternity Photo Session with Julia, Rand & Bella in Louisville Photography Studio

I was gardening a couple months ago when my neighbor Rand came by to tell me that he and Julia were expecting another little one (!) and he wanted to get his wife a Recherché gift certificate for Mother’s Day! I was so flattered!! We worked out a package for a maternity photo session plus a newborn shoot and the digital files. Loved shooting this session for them and am dying to meet their new little girl, Isla, in September!! We’re going to do her first session when she is about 2 weeks old, the same day as Bella’s 3rd Birthday Party! So we’re shooting two little birds with one camera! Can’t wait!!
02SentesMAT13SentesMAT 17SentesMAT 21SentesMAT 27SentesMAT 42SentesMAT
This is kind of an obscure shot, but I totally love it!!46SentesMAT
Listening for her baby sister!!
48SentesMAT 49SentesMAT 50SentesMAT 51SentesMAT 61SentesMAT62SentesMAT  73SentesMAT 74SentesMAT 

All images from this portrait session are available for viewing & purchase:

Annie & Nick’s Boulder, CO Wedding at St. Julien Hotel & Spa

There is perhaps an excessive amount of photos in this blog post but Annie & Nick’s wedding at the St. Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder, CO was brimming over in exquisite details & tender moments. But most importantly, it was drenched in LOVE. Love for each other, their family, each of their guests- and their vendors. Which resulted in piles of stunning images. I have said for years that I have the most wonderful clients in the world, and this couple takes the cake. As an artist & emotional creature it is hard to keep my heart out on the chopping block but Annie & Nick have made it all worth while. I hope they love their images as much as I have adored working with them and their family.


003-548AnnieNickWED 004-010AnnieNickWED 005-018AnnieNickWED

Heather with Calluna Events assembled a fabulous set of wedding professionals to pull off Annie’s dream wedding. Jessica Shineyda with The Face Lab transformed the already adorable Annie & her bridesmaids + mother into works of art. 007-007AnnieNickWED

Had you any idea it was this much fun to work with a bride?? This shot really sums up how all the wedding vendors felt about working with Annie and her mom! Andy with Andres Alfredo styled the girls’ hair. He is as sweet as he is talented!009-024AnnieNickWED 013-039AnnieNickWED
What is the best reason for a June wedding? PEONIES. Thanks to Brighter Day Floral, every corner of Annie’s wedding was dripping in these sublime arrangements.
005AnnieNickWED 021-576AnnieNickWED 023-061AnnieNickWED
Due to rain, the ceremony was moved inside. I have NEVER been happier to shoot an indoor wedding thanks to Denver Design Works!! Can you believe this room?? It took my breath away- all night! We kept commenting that this backdrop, originally intended for outside, would have gotten lost. Sometimes it is for the best our plans get changed. What a treat to work with a team of unbelievably creative professional artists. It made my job so very fun!056AnnieNickWED028-074AnnieNickWED 097AnnieNickWED  051-635AnnieNickWED    069-167AnnieNickWED
I was so relieved Annie & Nick braved the drizzle for a quick photo shoot! Nothing is better than natural rain-cloud-diffused light!!
072-173AnnieNickWED 074-179AnnieNickWED 
Sumptuous cake by non other than the fabulous Tee & Cakes. Do NOT pull up their website if you are on a diet. Within one second of glancing at their blog I promise your mouth will be watering!!
106-291AnnieNickWED 091-235AnnieNickWED 095-252AnnieNickWED 096-254AnnieNickWED
A very proud father of the bride!
(A guest grabbed me while shooting candids during the cocktail hour and said, “Get a shot of this- he is the bride’s father!!” I thought, “Geeze, it would be pretty sad if I hadn’t figured that out by now!” But I’m glad he grabbed me because this image is so beautiful!)097-257AnnieNickWED 
A shot with the Flatirons completely misted over. So enchanting! 110-303AnnieNickWED
This might be my favorite shot of the day!!!115-312AnnieNickWED 119-324AnnieNickWED 122-338AnnieNickWED 146-413AnnieNickWED
Can you see me in the background wearing my “signature” skirt that I found in a vintage shop in Dublin? I’ve worn in to almost every wedding I’ve shot in the last 8 years! Caroline shot this beautiful image. 144-696AnnieNickWED  151-434AnnieNickWED
Although I haven’t yet seen the video, I can say that it was wonderful working with the Lupher Arts Videography team! And I always love the video light at the reception! 152-435AnnieNickWED 179-180AnnieNickWED-bw
Another seamless & resplendent event by Heather Dwight, the owner of Calluna Events. I have no idea how she pulls off perfection every single time with her gracious & unruffled spirit. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she treats everyone with the utmost respect & kindness. It is always such a dream to work with her. 231AnnieNickWED
It’s not often that a photo of the photographer shows up on the blog! Here I am- Regina Mountjoy of Recherché Photography! My fabulous assistant, Caroline Colvin, took this shot of us as I was saying my goodbyes. It really is a trick to be “unobtrusive” with all that gear I’m packing!! But I’ve got to be ready for anything!! 734AnnieNickWED

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