The Bulk 2009 Family Portrait Session

The gorgeous has been getting their photos made by Recherché since Sloan was just a few weeks old! They are now traveling internationally on a regular basis so it was so fun to catch up with them a bit and see how Sierra & Sloan are growing.

Heather would be the first to tell you that this session was a disaster. They had just gotten back in the country a couple days previous to the session and both kids were out of sorts. Sloan burst into tears within minutes of arriving at my house and could not stand to be even slightly detached from him momma. And Heather was not interested in making an appearance in the photos, so we had a dilemma. The crying got progressively worse until an exhausted Sloan fell asleep in his mother’s arms. Strong fit yoga mom carried that boy all the way down the open space trail- there and back! And somehow, we ended up with so many really sweet photographs. It’s a mystery and a relief for all of us!! And now they’re off to London for Christmas…sniff, just a little envious!! 06BulkFAM1109 Now this shot is a complete treasure since it was literally a blink.13BulkFAM1109-2
I feel like this is a very important “character” shot representing this time in their lives 🙂22BulkFAM1109-2 26BulkFAM1109-2 27BulkFAM1109-2 30BulkFAM1109-2 31BulkFAM1109-2  45BulkFAM1109 46BulkFAM1109-2 52BulkFAM1109-2 54BulkFAM1109-2 55BulkFAM1109 56BulkFAM1109-2

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