Newborn baby portraits of Ziah Anderson

Nothing sweeter in the world than a newborn (except maybe a puppy). Ziah is gorgeous and precious and it was a delight to photograph this little dumpling. After a day of crazy mini-portrait sessions, having this one little creature in my for a whole hour felt like strawberries & whipped cream.

Last night a friend was talking to me about her recent 30th birthday party. Her family put out lots of photos of her when she was a baby but she said the pictures that were the most precious, and sadly the fewest, were images with her parents and grandparents. She validated the message I’ve been trying to send to my friends and clients for years: as precious as these baby photos are to you- that is how precious images of you will be to your children when they are grown. (Even if you’re 10 pounds heavier than you wish you were or haven’t gotten in for that manicure or feel like you haven’t slept in 2 years straight.) Photos of you, as you are now, will be treasures for your children.
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2 Responses to Newborn baby portraits of Ziah Anderson

  • Lancia Smith says:

    Far and away some of the most beautiful baby / family portraits I have ever seen. I love your comment about how much children will treasure pictures of their parents and grandparents. Going through the images of Peter’s parents this week and seeing them all but “vanish from view” once the boys arrived deeply reconfirms to me why I have pictures taken of us — bad hair days, overweight, getting older and all — so that there will be some trace of images left later when our children, grandchildren and extended family will want that. The power of an image to sustain connection to the beloved — perhaps most acutely in absence — is nearly impossible to reproduce in any other medium beyond the spirit itself.

  • caroline says:

    these are breath taking, Regina!