The Moore Family is Expecting One More. . .


In just a few more weeks I’m going to have ANOTHER niece! I don’t need to tell you that I’m breathless with anticipation. Ellyana is a bright beaming light in my little life. I can’t even imagine how this new little someone will expand my heart and soul. This is such a beautiful set of images of my gorgeous sister and her oh-so-wonderful family that I feel lucky to have captured. (Baxter is less than enthusiastic about the entire affair.)

003MooreMAT-2005MooreMAT-2The love-triangle that I am so very fond of catching in my photographs! 014MooreMAT-2032MooreMAT037MooreMAT-2046MooreMAT-2056MooreMAT062MooreMAT-2063MooreMAT-2066MooreMAT-2070MooreMAT073MooreMAT-2
“My turn, Mommy!” she says. Translation, “Move over! My turn in the spotlight!”077MooreMAT
A nice little candid moment where Elly is wondering how she got roped into this.080MooreMAT-2091MooreMAT-2Another candid moment (in 3 frames) that took us all a bit by surprise…105MooreMAT-2106MooreMAT-2107MooreMAT-2122MooreMAT-2
I think my niece is on her way to dare-devil-hood… 146MooreMAT148MooreMAT
Let’s not forget Baxter’s turn in the spotlight. He sure has earned it! 161MooreMAT166MooreMAT-2169MooreMAT-2174MooreMAT-2Here’s a little trick: kiddos much prefer to BLOW on the belly than KISS!176MooreMAT-2179MooreMAT-2

Stay tuned for pictures of the new little one! Coming SOON!!!!!

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