Mick & Mack Photo Shoot: Funky Handmade Children’s Products

Michaela needed new product shoots for Mick & Mack, her fabulous online company that sells funky handmade clothing & products for children and I was happy to oblige!

This was SUCH a fun shoot to do!! I asked a few families with multiple well-behaved kids who often hang out together so they were already comfy with each other. We finally got the perfect warm overcast day for the shoot and all the kids piled in! We stuck dino-tails on the boys and dolled the girls up in tutus, vintage costume jewelry and garlands.

True to form, I didn’t really pose the kids – just let them do their thing. These girls are the best of friends so they naturally huddled together and happily smiled my direction! 013MickMackShoot 023MickMackShoot
Elly is the perfect model for a tutu! Comes in all different colors and very meticulously made!
047MickMackShoot-Edit 086MickMackShoot 088MickMackShoot 089MickMackShoot 092MickMackShoot
Thanks, Ezra, for the perfect catalog shot of a clip-on-dino-tail and a monster backpack!! 101MickMackShoot 104MickMackShoot 115MickMackShoot
When it started raining we did a little shoot. I desaturated a set of images and kind of gothic vampirish look! I like it!122MickMackShoot 129MickMackShoot 141MickMackShoot 147MickMackShoot 160MickMackShoot  
I adore this shot of childhood best friends. 246MickMackShoot
Silas was very shy until he was allowed to get his sword back out. I snagged this shot just as they were getting ready to leave! I love it!297MickMackShoot
Thanks so much everyone for a fabulous day and amazing set of images!!!187MickMackShoot

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