a six month portrait session for aiden rineheart

I just about fell over when Jasmine & Michael Rineheart peeled away the blanket over the car seat so I could see Aiden for the first time. Oh my gosh. What is it about red-haired blue-eyed babies that turns us to mush? (I’m assuming you’re having a similar reaction right now!) I had the privilege of photographing Jasmine & Chris’s wedding seven years ago and fell in love with them. It was so exciting for me to meet their little boy and start documenting this new chapter in their life. Love it!! Thank you J & C for making the drive from Elbert all the way to Louisville, CO for this photo shoot! 004Rineheart 009Rineheart 016Rineheart 
I think this vintage tub has been one of my very best investments! Aiden could NOT have been happier!!!031Rineheart 039Rineheart 045Rineheart    069Rineheart 062Rineheart076Rineheart 046Rineheart081Rineheart055Rineheart 082Rineheart 085Rineheart 090Rineheart 094Rineheart 095Rineheart
We wrapped the shoot and were just sitting in the studio chatting about vegetarianism and the desires Jasmine has for raising a family. I had to snag this one last shot of Aiden having a little chew on his mommy’s hand! Yummy!100Rineheart

All images from this session are available at www.pictage.com/888938
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