A New Year, A New Post: Regina’s Reflections

037LondonSLDSHW040 In 2010, ’s11th year, the magic year, my blog posts may become increasingly personal and introspective. It’s possible that this blog will evolve more into “The Life and Heart of Regina” and less of a photo diary. Or maybe that will just be this month. I’m not sure. But I just wanted to give you a head’s up.

I kind of fall off the map for a couple months after Christmas. It is a quiet and reflective time for me. Should I write a blog post even though there aren’t any photographs associated? Is that weird? Irrelevant? Should a “” do that? …And this exact dialogue is why I fall off the map. Because I’m not so much of a this time of year. Do people really want to know about ME? Or do they just look through my blog for the photos? Should I bother writing something personal? Or should I keep this blog professional and just put my personal blips on Facebook? I’ll tell you, it’s a really odd experience taking the time to post photos and thoughts when you have no idea who is reading it and how they are responding. But today I’m going to risk that my personal musings are almost as interesting as my photographs. And if not, just skip to the photos.

I have been a full-time wedding and portrait photographer for ten years now. What a crazy ride. In the midst of the chaos, patterns in my life as a photographer have emerged. Early summer marks the beginning of the wedding season. I feel fresh, nervous and invigorated to plunge back in. We pick up speed through the summer, traveling at least once a month for events, and the season comes into full bloom in the fall as get heavily added to the mix now that weather is nice for outdoor shooting. Editing work and events are piling up. Holidays are suddenly just around the corner. The phone and email is flooded with portrait requests. Everyone needs their photos and albums for Christmas. Mad dash! By the third week of December all my clients are set, piles into town, Christmas ensues. Yippee! I LOVE Christmas! I love Christmas decorations, giving gifts, baking, lights. It is all so magical! A then the new year. Everyone leaves, it’s cold and dark and I’m exhausted. I hibernate, sleep and walk through life zombie-like. Emptied out. Not sure what I want to do with my life. And oddly, my birthday occurs right in the middle of this. January 11th– which is why 11 is my magic number. Little by little, week by week, my heart starts to yawn and peak out, unable to resist dreaming up new ideas and plans for the coming year. I am overtaken with a strong desire to clean out my office and all our cupboards, to put things in order, to start planning my garden. Spring arrives and I am reborn, ready for a new year, for a fresh set of weddings. And so it goes.

The image above is on my desktop right now. A magnolia that I shot in a Greenwich garden last spring. Someday I hope to be able to describe the way images like this effect me. right now I can only say that a wave of warmth and softness floods over me and makes me feel just a little woozy.

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