♥ I believe in breakfast at noon.

♥ I believe in making as many wishes as you can when it is 11:11.

♥ I am a shameless sci-fi geek.

♥ I have a Lord of the Rings tattoo.

♥ I sleep with my childhood stuffed elephant, Elly, every night.

♥ I have a closet full of black vintage dresses and yoga pants.

♥ I believe in tipping generously.

♥ I am smitten by a well-turned phrase.

♥ I believe Robert Downey Jr. is pure genius.

♥ I believe in traveling as often as possible- anywhere and everywhere.


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I work out of my home studio in Lafayette, Colorado. We renovated the house top to bottom and re-landscaped every inch. I love working from home. People ask me if I have hard time setting boundaries with clients coming in and out. My business is an extension of my heart and I like to keep everything I love very close. I love to putter in the garden in between shoots, to work in my pjs, to make green juice for my clients that are feeling tired and overwhelmed, to take naps whenever I can squeeze them in and to take mid-day jaunts on the open-space trails with my cattle dogs. I have gypsy in my blood so I’m not sure how long we’ll stay, but for now I’m perfectly happy. Please come for a visit. I would love to share a cup of tea and hear some of your story.