What in the whole wide world is more extravagantly romantic than running away with your lover to elope in some far off remote fairy tale-esque destination? A private ceremony on a tropical island. An ancient castle. A secret garden. A primeval European chapel.
These tiny private wedding ceremonies are full of mystery, intimacy, rebellious romance and beauty. This is what I photograph. Why? Because I follow my own internal North Star and love working with brides that do the same.
I work with brides who are natural, intimate and spirited. Brides who are crazy in love with their fiance- and their dog. Brides who wear exquisite wedding gowns and don’t mind getting them dirty. Brides who keep life simple so they can travel. Brides plan every intricate detail of the elopement and can still say “f#*k it” when things don’t go as planned. Brides who trust their own creative intuition. Just as I trust mine.


The slideshow above showcases a few of my favorite elopement and tiny wedding images which I have photographed over the last sixteen years all over the world. My travels for clients have taken me to Boulder, Belize, Australia, Costa Rica, Fiji and so many other lovely spots along the way. I’m humbled and so in love with my life.


The images I create are unique in their softness, depth, and romance. Ideally each one of my final images will have the essence of a gorgeous vintage print found curled up in a grandmother’s attic – a timeless treasure.


I have accompanied couples to a castle in Ireland, a beach in Galveston, ruins in Belize, a tiny wedding chapel in Kauai, a snowy Aspen woodland.  If you are keeping your wedding sweet and simple let’s start the conversation of how I can capture the charm of your private wedding or elopement. Dream a little!  Talk to me about your dream package and let’s make it a reality!

Regina Marie Mountjoy:


Artistic insight.  Authentic vision.  A passion for life’s most romantic moments.


Photographer Regina Marie Mountjoy combines all of these qualities in her pursuit of heirloom photographs that celebrate and document her cherished clients.  More than ten years of professional photography have helped Regina cultivate an appetite for timeless, intimate imagery.  Her mission is simple:  to help people cherish life’s essential celebrations with one-of-a-kind photography designed to last lifetimes.


Regina looks for mood and movement over cookie-cutter photo ops.  She seeks emotion and authenticity over airbrushed “perfection” and empty trends.  Her lens exposes the humanity and inner beauty of each of her subjects.  And her respectful presence will enhance, not interrupt, your remarkable event.


Working unobtrusively alongside vendors and guests, Regina documents the authentic, unrehearsed magic of your special occasion.  The result?  Lush heirloom photography designed to last lifetimes.  And Regina knows that life doesn’t stop after your marriage – candid, naturally beautiful portraits of pregnant mothers and children are a growing part of her repertoire.



As rare, refined and romantic as its discriminating clientele, Recherché Photography is no ordinary photography studio.  Born from ideals of beauty and balance, it is a business that revolves around the unique beauty of its treasured clients. Whether traveling the world alongside her carefully-selected clients or capturing a personal moment in her uniquely chic studio, Regina prides herself on incomparable service and indelible quality.  That’s why she named her studio Recherché –a French word with overtones of rarity and exquisite elegance.  Are you ready to enter the world of Recherché?



Always authentic, never posed, Recherché portraits capture the most intimate moments of maternity, new babies, and young families.  Regina captures the magic and adventure of new life in her quaint, vintage studio or your home location.  Your organic, interactive, and unstructured portrait session will result in timeless photos that capture the exhilaration of this miraculous new time.  We’re delighted to grow alongside our clients as they move on to new milestones, deepening the unique relationships at the heart of Recherché.



Stop and savor the grace and beauty of a single bloom.  Breathe in the fragrance of exotic places and feast your eyes upon nature’s exquisite designs.  A private passion brought public, Recherché’s line of lush botanical photography captures the most enchanting and unforgettable flowers from Regina’s world travels.  Born into a family of landscape artists and flower fanatics, Regina is opening up her vault of treasured botanicals for your home, business, and other decorative needs.  From limited-edition fine art prints to distinctive floral stationery and more, Recherché Botanicals pays homage to the art of nature.